Vik Bansal has had a positive effect on the Asian-Australian market. The widely known CEO in the business market has had a vast experience that stretches to 20 years. Within the period, Vik Bansal InfraBuild has met different challenges, including the current coronavirus pandemic. You can’t help but notice the accuracy in his mental sharpness as he goes for more robust solutions to beat the tough times. He mentions scarcity of raw materials and the current pandemic as a hindrance towards maximizing labor.

The CEO has fostered environmental-friendly methods to control steel waste products. Recycling plants have seen a collection of steel waste products around Australia. By recycling the waste materials, the country is engaging in a sustainable way of waste disposal.

Having been exposed to different marketing and planning strategies, he has changed the work ethic of his colleagues. The care and concern towards consumers of the products within and beyond Australia shows a humane aspect of Mr. Bansal.

Statistically, Australia has had a diverse change when put on a fifty-year-scope. The current Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contribution to the Australian budget has fallen from 30% to 6%. Mr.

Vik Bansal supports the thought of instead exporting raw materials than finished products. His reasoning is based on giving opportunities to the various countries importing their steel products, making it a win-win situation. The exportation of unfinished steel products allows third-world and developing countries to have a whole market experience. The rise in work absorption curves all over Australia and India proves his formula works.

The government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative fund of over $1.3 billion into the steel industry has contributed to increased manufacturing in Australia. The manufacturing perspective makes Australia a global pivot on the steel industry. Service industries have collapsed due to disruptions. The call for a shift in market contribution will create financial stamina regardless of the regional or international state.