Fortress Investment Group has been an organization that has been making some significant announcements since it was established in the market more than thirty years ago. However, all the announcements that the organization has been making involve the investment products and the decisions it has been adopting. Market and financial analysts have never expected that this organization would announce that another financial organization has acquired it from a foreign country. However, recently, Randal Nardone announced that Fortress Group will now be operating under SoftBank, which happens to be the new owner of the hedge fund. SoftBank’s purchase of this entity came as a surprise to many as they had never anticipated that such a leading organization would succumb to the bids presented by other investment companies. However, to Randal Nardone, this is a move that has been on offer for several years, which means that he has not been surprised by the turn of events.

According to Randal Nardone, there are very many people who have been surprised by the current move, and most of them have been terming it detrimental to the operations of the company. However, those within the management circles of the company believe that they have made the right decision. Obviously, operating under a new leadership may affect how the company has been operating, but there is no doubt that this was the best decision that the company had to make.

Randal Nardone believes that Fortress Investment will be getting additional funds to invest in the market. Sources funding has always been a major challenge for any investment organization. Therefore, getting some new owners who are willing to channel some investment funds to the organization is a welcome bonus. Such funds will help the company maintain its competitive edge in the market with some newfound energy to operate in international markets.

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