Vik Bansal is an experienced professional in the waste management industry; he has significantly impacted the industry through his work. His firm Cleanaway is one of Australia’s most extensive recycling companies. Cleanaway’s head office is in Canning Vale, Western Australia.

Cleanaway’s core business is recycling and waste management. It specializes in environmental solutions, including recycling, resource recovery, and other waste management services. Some examples of Cleanaway’s services are general waste and container deposit schemes, green waste processing facilities, recycling depots, and landfill management.

The company is also an environmental leader in the industry because its present and future growth plans are all centered on environmental practices. This firm believes that recycling can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also producing energy from its waste. Cleanaway has developed a renewable energy project called Enerkem, to create a “zero-waste to landfill” facility in Western Australia.

Vik Bansal planned on Enerkem being a world-class renewable energy and recycling facility. The facility generates enough electricity to power most homes in Western Australia. The waste that would otherwise be going to landfill, will be recycled and converted into chemicals suitable for use as products for manufacturing.

Bansal has made Australia free from waste through his innovative business practices. Note that Cleanaway is Australia’s leading integrated resource recovery company, providing customers with environmentally sustainable recycling and disposal services for various waste streams. This includes general and industrial waste, green waste, bulky items, recyclables, among others.

Also, Cleanaway is the first company in Australia to conduct a landfill gas-to-energy project and is now one of the leaders in energy recovery from waste. Bansal has changed how waste management is done with Cleanaway. Other companies across the globe have begun implementing the same idea to transform waste management.

Cleanaway recycles millions of tonnes of material each year. This includes paper, plastics, glass, metals, cardboard, rubber tires, and organic materials such as green wastes and food organics.

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