The world is a different place after COVID-19. A few factors have contributed to this changing environment. COVID-19 lockdowns introduced employees to an alternate work environment. Many now are skeptical of returning to the brick-and-mortar corporate setting. This growing way of being has created the ‘I quit’ culture. Employers are under pressure to create a welcoming corporate climate to retain valuable employees.

Vik Bansal on Innovative Leadership

Vik Bansal InfraBuild is the CEO and Managing Director of ‘InfraBuild‘, an Australian-based integrated steel manufacturing and recycling company. He realized that strong leadership is the key to not only employee retention but operating a company that can transition with the times. Bansal does not advocate certain programs or procedures that would automatically establish a cohesive and cooperative workplace, since he realizes that every company and culture is different and requires a unique approach. Bansal endorses the belief that certain personality traits, such as humility and being a good listener, have contributed to his effective leadership abilities.

Bansal doesn’t buy into the theory that leaders are born, but that good leadership comes with not only humility, but with knowledge, experience, and implementation.

Meet the CEO

Vik Bansal is the CEO and Managing Director of ‘InfraBuild’. Bansal’s 25 years of experience as a Business Executive has taken him across the globe from Australia, Asia and the United States. Bansal joined InfraBuild at the beginning stages of the Coronavirus pandemic. He has shown his durability and capacity for growth and transition in uncertain times.

Previous to his role at InfraBuild, Vik Bansal was President and CEO of Valmont Industries Inc. Valmont is a global engineering and manufacturing company worth $3.3 billion on the New York Stock Exchange.

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