The steel company is based in China with a leading production activity to satisfy the current urge on steel production. Statistics show that the company made 60% of the 21.7 tons of steel produced globally. Du Shuanghua has seen through the development of equipment through time.

Modifications and manipulations have seen the emergence of particular strands of perfectly produced steel. Rizhao Steel has greatly affected productivity since the steel has proven usable through various needs. The ability for the specific strand to be molded into any equipment has given it an automatic preference compared to the other metals.

Ease of access and dependency on the product led to a futuristic view on businesspeople who saw a direct path to wealth. Mount Gibson whole-heartedly signed a 15-year contract that saw Du Shuanghua submit an annual 1.5 tones. As if this wasn’t enough, Gibson made it clear to chip in financially if need be to help boost income.

Hostilities are tied around the wealth and expectations of people attracted to the lucrative position. Conflicts within the company led to the withdrawal of funds and an unsure layout plan to go about the new elephant in the room.

Rizhao Steel 2010

A successful test on different scenarios that may hinder Rizhao Steel 2010 from showing a peak performance still came out negative. The lost tests only meant that the steel made in Rizhao Steel 2010 was strong and could face adverse conditions due to its durability. Interest in the third-party participants led to millions of dollars as profit for the company.

The Rizhao Steel made in 2010 was a turning point for Du Shuanghua. The company grew enormously to earn him the billionaire title. Having lost cases on behalf of the company, the CEO and Chairman of the Steel giant still upheld a positive productivity rate in the steel world. Assembling, crafting, and manufacturing industries all contacted the company to have their needs considered when requesting supplies.

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