The Law Offices of Dean Omar Branham Shirley handle workplace cases involving injury, as well as cases where clients have suffered exposure to life-threatening diseases such as Mesothelioma, caused by toxins such as asbestos. They work to navigate clients through the judicial system and what to expect when the law is upheld and executed when it comes to fighting against unlawful acts within corporations.


Dean Omar Branham Shirley, LLP, (aka Dean Omar) is located in Dallas, TX in the Texas Moline Building. The law firm offers free case review, giving the option to have your case reviewed before putting action into motion. Another offer option is product liability, seeking out information on what health risks were disclosed before a client used said product. Investigation into possible unpaid wages, Director and Officer Liability, Partnership Disputes and shareholder liabilities are also services that are offered from this law firm as well on top of other various services offered to consumers.


Working with Dean Omar Branham Shirley is worthwhile due to the multitude of services and options available. Clients are not charged for filing a lawsuit, and the law firm works to gather as much information as possible, seeking out other individuals on the job that may have experienced similar grievances, as well as working to collect other information that may be deemed helpful to the case. The law firm practices under the laws of the judicial system, working to uphold the full extent of the law for each client.