Pamela Baer is well known for her involvement in many different causes to help others. One of the causes she is most passionate about is the public health care system. With a strong heart for mental and behavioral health.

Pam Baer is a Lifetime Director of the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. In her time there she has been key in capital campaigns as well as events and strategy work that has aided greatly in finding solutions to help our community’s most vulnerable. The pandemic that we all have just lived through and to a degree are still living through has brought to light many different issues that we were not aware of before or did not have to deal with before.

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital has been and continues to be a safety net for so many. Pamela Baer is thankful for that and gladly continues her dedication to the foundation’s causes. Some causes that the foundation helps to service are those who are experiencing poverty, homelessness as well as a lack of insurance. They are also supporting recent immigrants and local communities of color as well.

The pandemic brought to light the effect that your economic situation can have on your general health and wellness. They are passionate about making sure the health needs of all are taken care of not just the well-off. In 2018 Pam Baer assisted in the creation and launch of the Transform Mental and Behavioral Health Fund.

The purpose of this organization is to support and launch both mental health programs and initiatives. So far, they have been able to raise over five million dollars. While this is a big success for them as the pandemic hit, they saw more and more need and how these issues needed to be addressed. Go to this page to learn more.


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