Not so long ago, FIFA announced that the United States, Mexico, and Canada had won the bid to host the 2026 World Cup. Among the most notable figures in the US soccer scene that were pushing for this success is Robert Kraft, the owner of the prosperous Major League Soccer side, New England Revolution. Since the victory, he has been seeking to have his team’s stadium, the Gillette Stadium, host some of the competition’s matches. Kraft has expressed hope that his bid would be successful despite facing formidable competition from newer stadiums.

A grand ambition

Kraft’s ambitions are nothing but impressive as he wants the stadium to be granted the okay to host a total of 6 of the 64 World Cup matches for 2026. Robert Kraft projects that the stadium can his four-group stage matches and two elimination stage matches. However, success will likely be an uphill task as several other newer stadiums expressed their interest in getting the opportunity.

Another challenge for Robert Kraft and his grand ambitions is that the Gillette Stadium does meet the update requirements to host such an event. He pointed out that he was ready to do any modifications needed to bring it to the standards of such a high-caliber world event. Moreover, other contestants will still have to make some modifications to their stadiums too. One thing going for Kraft and carries a lot of weight is that he has experience owning a stadium hosting a World Cup event.

About Robert Kraft

Kraft has established himself as a top-notch business leader in the six decades he has been in the industry. The veteran entrepreneur started his career in the packaging industry, working for the Rand-Whitney Group. He is currently the CEO and chairman of the world-renowned Kraft Group, a successful diversified holding company. Robert has also supported numerous charity and philanthropic courses over the decades. Click here to learn more.


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