The key factor to promoting diversity is to work to build inclusive cultures. This means listening to what others say, adapting our actions and words to reflect those insights, embracing diversity of backgrounds and life experiences, creating spaces for all ideas to be expressed, and celebrating the success of our team by recognizing how it’s grown through their work and learning, both individually and as a team.

Finally, cultivating a ‘voice’ mentality in our internal environment is critical in order to feel comfortable being honest, speaking up and acting on our instincts. Forging those diverse perspectives and viewpoints leads to innovation that provides unique solutions and outcomes. Growing up, Richard had few role models in his life, but these days he serves as a mentor and advocate for other young people. Through his talks at Silicon Valley schools, at universities and by writing about his experiences, Richard is giving underrepresented groups the tools they need to succeed in tech, among other sectors.

Building an innovation organization that empowers individuals to bring out their own distinctiveness, celebrate their diversity of thought, and understand the world from an alternative perspective, and allows them to reach their full potential, are a few keys to building a winning organization. Remember, the goal of all of this is innovation. He is an early board member of OpenAI, a not-for-profit AI research company that aims to ensure that AI is safe, to inspire and promote open research on AI, and ultimately ensure AI’s beneficial impacts on people and the world.

Additionally, it is critical to recognize the effect that diversity and inclusion have on your bottom line. The “halo effect” is a psychological principle that shows how bringing in the perspectives of a small group of people impacts others. Richard DeVaul says, “We have been telling the lie that we are a homogenous group of people. We need to be more reflective of our members, even though their individual backgrounds may be different.”

Richard DeVaul is the former vice president at Google, and director of Google’s Advanced Technologies and Products Group (ATAP). ATAP, which he co-founded, is a team of full-time engineers working across multiple teams to push the boundaries of what is possible with breakthrough technologies such as wearables, robotics, and machine learning. Richard DeVaul has a strong focus on the consumer technology space and invests heavily in consumer technology (e.g., robotics, wearables, smart home). Go here for related Information.


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