Business and commerce have been pillars of the economic growth of a country for years. They ensure money is circulated, and everyone gets their fair share. Direct selling is one of the business approaches that has successfully shown growth, providing opportunities for many folks. Direct selling shortens the supply chain by eliminating intermediaries to link manufacturers and consumers. As a result, consumers access the products at a reduced price leading to increased demands. Additionally, a massive network of B2B markets is developed, making it easy to operate in large markets. Qnet approaches direct sales in 3 ways.

Single-level marketing

Single-level marketing allows direct sellers to focus on building a customer base instead of a direct selling team. Direct sellers under this category operate in specific geographic areas where they introduce and sell good products to earn positive feedback. Growth at this stage results from reference and word-of-mouth marketing. However, sellers can only operate within a small geographic location.

Party plan marketing

Direct sellers increase product awareness by using the group sales approach or the Party Plan Marketing. They host parties and invite like-minded individuals to try out the products. It’s an effective method used in selling household products. Party plan marketing has increased sales by building an extensive network.

Multi-level marketing

Direct sellers under the MLM category sponsor individuals to market and directly sell the products, creating income opportunities. Qnet allows interested individuals to sell the ideology to others and raise the agents’ circle. MLM ensures that product awareness reaches a large geographic area within a short time.

Anyone can venture into direct selling since the start-up capital is little. With determination and a strategic approach, direct sellers grow fast within a short time. Direct selling is a significant investment that creates an income channel for many as the network grows, reducing the unemployment rate. View this video on YouTube, to learn more.


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