Every entrepreneur has a dream to see their businesses flourish. They believe in the power of tackling challenges as their companies continue to grow in operations and structures. Some overlook the possibilities of changes that may occur along the growth journey, as they concentrate much on the projected growth. Fluctuations occur in different ways, for instance, technological advancements which force organizations to introduce new operational approaches different from their original plan.

Several companies have registered exemplary performance in their specific industries. Among them is Terranova Corporation that has been dominant in the real estate sector. The organization exists in Southern Florida, where it has transformed the business industry. The institution has served for the last four decades since Stephen Bittel founded it. When it started operations, the company concentrated on buying properties in the residential areas as the chief objective. It maintained those goals throughout the first decade before changing its approach. The business environment changed as more people opted to live in the urban areas, forcing the institution to start investing in properties located new the town centers.

Bittel’s early life

Stephen Bittel grew up in Miami and was born in Southern Florida. He attended Bowdoin College, away from his hometown. The young entrepreneur graduated in 1978, earning a degree in economics. The scholar won the Weston Fellowship award, after which he went to tour Europe. After his trip, he landed an opportunity to study law at the University of Miami. Inspired by his father’s career, he pictured becoming a successful lawyer. He opted to work in real estate to raise money for his upkeep at the University.

Working in the real estate industry opened his eyes to see that his future was there. The firm offered him a deal that would see him earn more through commission than a monthly salary. However, the entrepreneur considered establishing his real estate company, believing that it was a better idea than relying on employment. He started TerraNovaCorp in 1980 and experienced a significant breakthrough in the industry. He has continued to invest in the sector, making massive wealth up to date.

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