Wes Edens, the co-owner of Fortress Investment Group and New Fortress Energy, has worked in finance for more than 30 years. He started his career as a partner at Blackrock Financial Management before becoming CEO and principal owner of Wesco Financial Corporation. Now Mr. Edens is looking forward to seeing New Fortress Energy flourish with this recent credit rating upgrade by SP Global Ratings due largely to his business acumen and knowledge in global investments.

New Fortress Energy has recently announced that they have earned a credit rating upgrade by SP Global Ratings. The ratings provided are an issuer default ranking of B+/RR-. With the new credit score, New Fortresses Energy can further expand its current global growth plan and financing efforts and continue making large investments in alternative fuels such as solar energy. This recent move confirms Mr. Edens’ ability to make sound business decisions on behalf of his employees and shareholders alike while continuing their success on a larger scale than ever before seen at the company.

The credit rating upgrade comes as a result of Mr. Edens’ presence and leadership at the company. He has been able to bring his vast knowledge in finance and investments to New Fortress, turning it into one of the most promising clean energy companies today. His experience with global markets will be key in helping them continue their impressive growth trajectory well into the future. This is great news for those looking to invest in renewable energy projects and those who are employed by or have shares in this thriving business.

Wes Edens is a man with a deep passion for finance and alternative energy. He has successfully merged those two passions into one company, New Fortress Energy, which is now seeing great success because of it. His years of experience in the industry have shown that he can make sound decisions that will benefit both the company and its shareholders. With this recent credit rating upgrade, New Fortress Energy is poised for even more growth in the future, under Wes Edens’ leadership.

Wes Edens has been working in finance for over 30 years, developing a keen understanding of what it takes to succeed in the industry. In 2007, he co-founded Fortress Investment Group.