Art is one of the most precious and important aspects of society. It’s a driving force for culture, innovation, and economic growth. So how can we make supporting this beautiful world that we sustainably live in work?

Mirabaud is using the power of art to create a more sustainable world. To support art, the bank has decided to start a new partnership strategy with renowned Swiss artists, providing them with the financial means and resources they need to continue working and promoting their art to make it better known. The main goal of this strategic plan is that all forms of art will be able to exist, no matter their field or size.

Artistic creation is experiencing a veritable renaissance, and we are on the verge of a new era of free art. However, these times are not easy as the high costs and uncertainty of the economy have made it increasingly difficult for artists to continue producing their work. The fact that art can be inexpensive means that there is no need for a quick profit and thereby no need to scrimp on quality or innovation. Yet this does not mean that art has become free of financial constraints.

In fact, The Mirabaud Contemporary Art Collection is a representation of its diversity that outlines the history and the current worlds. The exhibition aims to build a connection between the upcoming artists and the confirmed artists. Mirabaud has also shown commitment to supporting young innovators.

The financial framework for new art has changed greatly recently, as it has become increasingly difficult for artists to finance their creations. The bank has taken it upon itself to develop a new concept: a partnership approach that can create the necessary conditions for creating art, allowing it to be enjoyed by everyone.

Mirabaud and its foundation have decided to financially support artists and art institutions to promote new concepts and productions based on the criteria of openness and freedom.

Mirabaud is a Swiss-based bank located in Geneva. It belongs to the Mirabaud Group, which focuses on asset management and private banking. The Company provides three main services: investment advice, wealth management, and securities. If you want to learn more, click here.


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