Liu Qiangdong is the person behind, China’s largest online marketplace. With nearly 400 million active users, has created its niche in China’s fast-paced and constantly changing business landscape. The company boasts the largest fleet of drones for delivery services, offers thousands of partner brands to ensure a vast array of quality products, and provides unmatched customer service. The company has been partaking outstanding success in recent years. Over the past decade, they have grown to become China’s largest online shopping platform. They have expanded and diversified to offer various other services, including a mobile app, logistics, and media services. As part of Liu Qiangdong relief efforts, the JD Foundation has loaded a container-load of medical supplies and daily necessities in Hong Kong to support the ongoing relief efforts on the shipped over 6,000 boxes of PPEs, including masks, gloves, and sanitizer gels from factories and warehouses in different regions in China. The protective types of equipment were sent out first because the demand for those products was very high. COVID-19 relief materials continued to be transported to JD’s warehouse in Hong Kong. The first convoy of supplies was transported to JD’s warehouse in China, where they were temporally stored until being shipped out to nearby regions affected by COVID-19. To ensure that Hong Kong residents could continue living their lives and working usually, JD launched a campaign to deliver supplies to all corners of the territory.

Additionally, JD teamed up with the Chinese government to organize an anti-epidemic team to help clear out any potential viruses that would have been brought in via infected airport travelers. During the covid 19 outbreak, JD made sure to keep its customers safe. Anyone who ordered on could get discounts even on shipping — great for people living in Hong Kong. When residents are nervous about catching a contagious disease, it’s crucial brands create a sense of trust and security so that they can focus on other things.

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