For as long as he can remember, photographer and photographer-in-training, Justin Halladay, has been surrounded by cameras.

Every time he opens a camera, there is a new world to discover.

Not only is photography his passion, but it has also become his career.

With every photograph, you get a glimpse into the world of someone and, in many ways, their life.

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Justin shares how discovering and capturing the world around him has become his career.

Halladay grew up in a family of photographers.

His parents met as photographers in college, and as a child, he would accompany them to shoots and meet famous photographers from around the world.

His parents, Mike and Nikki Halladay, not only inspired him to be a photographer but also to travel.

Having had the opportunity to travel to over twenty-five countries through his family’s work, Justin Halladay was inspired by people and their culture.

He says that he has always been fascinated by the culture and diversity in the world.

This interest has led me to explore photography as a way to capture people and their cultures.

He wants to share what I’ve seen to help others see the world through a different lens.

As a child, Justin Halladay would accompany his parents to shoots and meet famous photographers worldwide. This was when he was introduced to photography and became inspired by the profession.

But his interest grew even more when his parents showed him how to use the internet to find images of places they had traveled to and deliver them to him.

He was hooked once he started using Flickr, Tumblr, and Instagram.

When asked about what trend excites him, he talks about technology.

He says that technology is advancing so fast that it is continuing to shape the world around us and what we do.

He says, “there is an app for everything.”

He says that he loves how technology has made photography accessible to everyone.

You can take a picture with your phone and edit it on your laptop in minutes.

He also mentions how smartphone technology has made taking pictures so easy that even his mom takes pictures now.

While Halladay was growing up, he learned about photography from his parents and soon became very interested in the profession.

His parents were photographers, but they were also travelers; as a result, he had been traveling from an early age.

With such an interest in traveling and culture, he was inspired by people and wanted to share what he saw through photography.

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