Jason Hughes ventured into the commercial realty field around 1980 when working in Los Angeles for a company called Cushman and Wakefield. Later, Jason relocated to San Diego to work for municipal tenants, corporate, and non-profit organizations. They enable tenants in buying and leasing negotiations for over three decades. Jason Hughes worked with Shay, his wife for over two decades to make a massive impact in commercial property businesses. Jason is a San Diego native where he has established Hughes Marino, the largest company that represents buyers and tenants. 


The Hughes Marino agency has dominated the industry because it has offices across the board. His wife Shay and Jason Hughes have become market leaders. Up to now, they dwelled more on offering deeper customer services unlike exposed individuals in the sector adding results and services guarantees customer associations. Jason Hughes is known for his exploration in tenant representation because he initiated property ownership and management law. This Law was approved by Brown, the Governor in 2014 August, and executed in the wake of 2015. 


This law triggered more justice and transparency for the commercial tenants in California who should be counseled in writing in collaboration with brokers taking the positions of landlords and tenants, thereby triggering a conflict of issues. For many years, he has overseen purchases and leases for as many properties as ten million feet square. Jason Hughes has been negotiating high-value and tough leases, timely contraction negotiations for condominium, hotel, and office purchases. Jason Hope has negotiated many deals in Carmel Valley, the UTC area, and San Diego for about three decades.


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