This story is not about a movie. It’s about Ryan Kavanaugh a multi-millionaire businessman, who rose to fame through his love for movies. No, not the movies. Hollywood movies. The movies we all love to watch on Sunday afternoons. Movies like Casablanca, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Godfather. These are the movies that inspire us and leave us with goosebumps and keep us glued to the screen. This is the story of Triller, a movie that gave struggling entrepreneur Ryan Kavanaugh a new lease on life.

The movie industry was in a bad state when Ryan Kavanaugh launched it in 2010. However, the struggling entrepreneur, who was borrowing money from friends to fund Triller, had nothing to lose. So, he took it on the chin and set out on a mission to restore the movie industry to its former glory.

What is Triller?

Triller is a movie platform that allows users to upload their movies to be rated, watched, and shared. It gives the filmmakers a fair deal on a model that splits revenue between the platform and the filmmakers.

Triller’s vision is to be the go-to movie platform in India. It also wants to become one of the top movie discovery platforms in the world. It’s a platform that wants to connect creators, viewers, and the world around them.

How Triller Stood Out From the Crowd

Triller stood out because it offered a fair deal on the movie revenue sharing model. The model gave the filmmakers a fair deal and the viewers a chance to watch movies for free. Furthermore, the model gave the creators a channel to reach their fans. Once registered, the fans can rate and share the movies, helping out their favorite filmmakers get their work noticed.

Triller provided a platform to access movies that were both free and easy to use. It made it possible to watch any movie on the platform without searching for the movie on the internet. It had both Indian and Hollywood movies on its platform.