Haroldo Jacobovicz is one of the respected and most accomplished entrepreneurs from Brazil. Haroldo is quite passionate about enterprises run and managed through technology and particularly when it comes to tech-related business. Haroldo is the co-founder of some of the business entities making a mark in various areas. Some of these firms that Haroldo Jacobovicz founded include the e-Governe Group, Curitiba, Horizon Datacenter, and Horizons Telecoms.

All the companies that Haroldo Jacobovicz has started are all incorporated to solve a particular societal challenge by strategically bringing together resources to offer the best results that including his latest child Curitiba. Some of the talents that Haroldo feels are not adequately tapped include human skill and the technical expertise that uses information technology in solving various challenges most innovatively. The companies mentioned earlier that Haroldo has started had a significant impact in various areas they serve, mainly in the public and private sectors.

Haroldo is particularly proud of his companies’ progress and has implications in transforming the markets and the industry. One of his companies, Horizons telecoms, is a significant industry player in fiber technology network installation in Brazil and across the entire South American region. Its network infrastructure provides one of the best and quality networks that is multi-point and redundancy.

Horizon Telecom also boasts of being one of the few companies with a high reputation in sourcing and procuring high-quality and advanced technology equipment that can only get available in any market. Haroldo Jacobovicz founded his first company about a decade ago, in 2010. In its 12 years of existence, Horizon telecoms have transformed itself to one of the formidable telecommunication suppliers in Brazil and South America. The Horizon Data Center was inspired by the success witnessed by its sister company, Horizon Telecoms, and the company has been instrumental in connecting their client to the cloud and to know more [email protected]Empresa de telecomunicações e tecnologia inova no atendimento sem call center