The CEO of Tinder, Greg Blatt is an experienced entrepreneur who has led over a dozen enterprises in technology and the media. He was the CEO and founder of Photon Media Group – a $1 billion online-advertising company specializing in targeted digital marketing services – before that; he co-founded, one of the first legal digital music services with more than 25 million songs for sale.

Blatt graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies. He also attended New York University’s prestigious Stern School of Business, receiving his MBA.

Greg Blatt holds several patents for eMusic’s pioneering features and has written extensively on social media advertising techniques.

Other ad networks buy impressions, meaning they sell the right to show an ad to a certain number of people. However, “most of the ad dollars are spent on media placement, or purchasing buyers that have an audience.” It is where Facebook comes in. They have purchased more than 50% of all internet advertising revenue measured by ComScore, and their inventory is over 1 billion people.

In addition to buying “ad space” on websites like Craigslist and Travelocity, Tinder-like apps like Re/code encourage users to do paid app ads on their own company’s site – but not at a price the typical advertiser would pay. Go to this page to learn more.

His Achievements

Blatt’s Pivotal Ventures has invested in several companies, including Foursquare, Getaround, and Eventbrite. He is a proponent of “digital disruption” and believes that the world would be better off if all companies were operated like Tinder.

Greg Blatt, founder and CEO of Tinder has been widely touted as an entrepreneur who is second to none. This statement may be true if one’s definition of an entrepreneur includes someone who has built successful businesses without creating anything new or innovative.

The truth is that nearly every business in Silicon Valley is built on bottom-up innovation. I.e., products brought to market by others before being bought or financed by enterprising entrepreneurs like Greg Blatt.


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