How is the role of CFO changing in today’s rapidly evolving business climate? Recently an article in PCW sought to highlight the evolution of this role, as more employees demand that their work environment aligns with a broader purpose for effecting progressive changes in society. Who best personifies the ideals of the new CFO? Gary Mcgaghey, who recently signed on with Williams Lea Tag easily qualifies as such an example.

Gary Mcgaghey has a long history that shows continued excellence in the role of CFO. He studied commerce at both the University of Natal and the University of South Africa. In addition to holding both a bachelor’s degree and a post-graduate degree, he is also a chartered accountant and holds a non-executive director diploma. Prior to joining William Lea Tag, McGaghey held the position of CFO for several major outfits, including Unilever, Nelsons Inc. and Pepsi Lipton. In an interview with Ideamensch, he revealed himself as someone who always puts people first and is best at building great teams. These traits are exactly what is needed for incoming CFOs: they must be able to work with the CHROs to bring an added sense of purpose to the company’s work, which differentiates it from other companies and makes it stand out. In addition, a tighter labor market and new limitations upon the workforce, some of which have also been onset by the Coronavirus, also place a new emphasis on working together as a part of a team.

Gary Mcgaghey has built his reputation as a quality CFO on being able to prioritize purpose over productivity. This main quality, as well as an ability to communicate well to get the most out of employees in applying the new business models, makes Gary McGaghey stand out above all the rest of the CFO field. Learn more here: