Eric Lefkofsky is a successful CEO and the founder of Tempus, a technology company focusing on improving the healthcare industry. Based in Chicago, Tempus uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in providing precision medicine solutions. In addition, as Eric Lefkofsky states, Tempus has enabled medical practitioners to achieve their patients’ clinical data with ease through an operating system that makes data-driven and real-time decisions for optimal results.


Eric Lefkofsky has worked with multiple technological companies, undertaking several executive roles. He is also a founding member of some of these companies including, Mediaocean, Lightbank, Echo Global Logistics (ECHO), and InnerWorkings. As Eric Lefkofsky adds, the companies mentioned mostly lean on providing technological solutions for transportation, logistics, supply chain, and e-commerce. Eric Lefkofsky obtained his degree from the University of Michigan and later joined the University of Michigan Law School, where he achieved his Juris Doctor. 


His efforts in participating in various non-profit organizations have not gone unnoticed. Through his senior position at Lefkofsky Family Foundation, the healthcare expert and his wife Liz have created initiatives that have made a huge positive impact on the lives of the communities they serve. Through his excellent leadership skills, Eric Lefkofsky has actively led Tempus company to become the leading innovative company in the field of precision medicine. 

For the last seven years, Tempus has created more accurate and precise methods and treatments for cancer and other common diseases led by Eric Lefkofsky. In creating customized treatments for patients with cancer and other illnesses, Tempus undergoes three stages, including generation of genetic results, creation and transformation of unstructured data, and delivery of the final insights and impacts on the Tempus analysis platform.