Citizen App strikes as a revamping digital trend in the global economy. The innovation guarantees real-time stories within the city and globally, enabling you to stay informed and safe. The step-up app is designed to bring real-time access to verified 911 information and instant safety alerts. From the founding phases, the app has swiftly gained traction to encompass over 7 million users. Nevertheless, it poises as an incredible digital trend keeping you situationally safe and aware. The app’s popularity is tremendously growing, with individuals utilizing it on to ensure safety at demonstrations and protests within the city.

Citizen App is a New York-based app initiated in 2016 as Vigilante. With concerns that the app encouraged vigilantism, Apple pulled it from its store and subsequently re-launched and rebranded it 2017 as Citizen. The core vision of the app is to advise caution and secure individuals from potentially dangerous situations. The amazing app has played a crucial role and hit the headlines many times since its rebranding. Also, the app flaunts helping in the recovery of an abducted boy in Manhattan by sending alerts.

Citizen App enables you to share updates with others effortlessly. The app employs radio antennas to monitor 911 communications in major cities. The app flaunts unprecedented versatility and is compatible with Android and iOS. Today, the app has expanded its ventures in nearly 22 cities, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City, Houston, Miami, Cleveland, Baltimore, and Columbus, to mention a few.

The digital app further encompasses a SafeTrace feature to provide real-time alerts on the exposure to the covid-19 virus. SafeTrace gives you up-to-date information on the COVID-19 pandemic in your state, city, or country. Indeed, the app gives you peace of mind as its data is encrypted and safe. Click here to learn more.


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