Nobody knows how difficult educational reform is more than Betsy DeVos. This educational dreamer has spent most of her life fighting for change in the world of education. She has devoted millions of dollars in the pursuit of better education for students all across the country. To date, most states now have at least one publicly funded charter school. Despite what her opponents would say, her efforts have allowed thousands of low income students to receive an education that they never would have thought possible if not for her. Their parents can also rest easy with the knowledge that school choice is better than it has ever been.


A Choice For Educational Success


To Betsy DeVos, school choice is at the center of education reform. She believes that change should happen not through more government but through local effort. By allowing parents to have the choice in which school they send their children to, it becomes possible to provide stronger education to students. Although controversial in some circles, many parents have seen the benefits that school choice has brought for their children. This is all thanks to the devoted efforts of Mrs. DeVos and her husband. Together, the pair have been able to push educational reform to the forefront of what’s important.


The Next Step In Education


Betsy DeVos isn’t finished yet, however. Despite her continued push towards more school choices, there are still countless students who do not have any choice in their education. To Mrs. DeVos, this is unacceptable. From personal experience, she has learned just how important it is to have a choice in education. This means that she won’t stop her efforts until every student has a say in their own education. Although this lofty goal has had its fair share of opposition, Betsy DeVos has held firm in her convictions.


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