Andrew Lazarus has just bought the historic Merewether Beach Hotel, one of Sydney’s most prolific hoteliers and investors.

The purchase was made for an undisclosed sum and should give him a large chunk of beachfront property in the heart of Newcastle City.

Lazarus has an impressive portfolio of properties in New South Wales, Queensland, and across Australia.

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His latest acquisition will give him control over the Merewether Beach Hotel and many other buildings on this strip.

The road is part of Newcastle’s heritage area, making it even more essential to preserve its historic character while allowing for everyday use.

Lazar Property Group concluded the deal after a unanimous decision by all board members present at the time.

Andrew Lazarus’ company bought out Ashfield Land Corporation, who were previously involved in negotiations concerning the sale of this building complex known locally as “Merewether Gardens.”

He plans to keep managing these units under their current names despite having acquired them only recently!

The location of these buildings makes them very attractive, both for locals and visitors alike.

The Merewether Beach Hotel is a landmark on its own when you consider all of the festivities that have occurred there over time during special occasions!

Lazarus had had plenty of experience with the hospitality industry, starting as a general manager for some time before he decided to open his first pub.

Since then, he’s opened up many more restaurants and hotels around Sydney to spread his brand across the city.

He has an eye on Newcastle precisely due to its easy access by car or public transport, which means tourists can easily visit this location if they stay at one of Lazarus’ establishments elsewhere!

Those who choose not to stay there will still be able to enjoy themselves while visiting Merewether Beach Hotel for drinks or food during their trip down south.

It is also essential that locals know how much work Lazarus puts into maintaining these buildings even after buying them.

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