Andrew Frame of one of the renowned entrepreneurs, CEO, and founder of Citizen. Citizen is the first-ever app to combine 911 intelligence with location information to enhance the security of people and their families.

In the year 2017, Frame was lucky to be named one of the “top entrepreneurs under the age of 30 most likely to shape the world’s digital future” by Businessweek’s editors. Frame traces his roots back in Las Vegas, Nevada. His unstoppable passion and thrill for technology resulted in Frame dropping out of school at an early age of 15 years to run his new technology company.

In his recent interview with Ideamensch, Andrew Frame was tasked with explaining where the idea of Citizen hailed from. The technological expert depicts that his quest to accomplish a mission-oriented project that could improve the globe in numerous ways resulted in the birthing of Citizen.

He asserted that when he immersed himself in thinking about what the world was lacking technologically, he realized that there was no free product that had adopted the inevitable technology to enhance safety anywhere across the world. It is during this time that he invented the Citizen App.

When queried on how his typical day looks like, Andrew Frame is quick to note that his day often kicks at the crack of dawn. This is because he realized that he is more productive in the morning. After waking up, Frame indulges in physical exercise followed by a cup of coffee and later listening to a news podcast.

Frame notes that before the pandemic, Citizen had its headquarters situated in New York but currently spends much time in Los Angeles. Frame depicts that his meetings commence as early as 7 am and spends quite a significant part of his day thinking and working on the Citizen Product. Frame also notes that his strengths as a builder and thinker lie in his product. See related link for more information.


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