Most people would say that comedy is a complex industry. But people like Andrew Alexander, who live and breath comedy, say there is room in the industry if you know where to look.

Andrew Alexander has been successful in many areas of the industry, from writing to TV productions and movie collaboration. He is a significant influence in the industry and uses his creative skills to improve and bring laughter to audiences worldwide. However, Alexander is best known for his production skills which is why he is often seen shuttling from his native Chicago to Los Angeles.

Although Andrew Alexander was born in London, he moved to Canada while still a child. As a young adult, he sought a bachelor’s degree from Ryerson University in Toronto. He graduated in journalism and got his first job as an editor for Ski Magazine, where he was introduced to celebrities of the entertainment industry. He soon became a comedian and worked standup comedy. As he gained experience, he eventually left his journalistic endeavors and dedicated himself full time to comedy.

He eventually ended up at the Ivanhoe Theater, where he became known as a top comedian, co-producing shows on the Late Night Show, TV shows, and movies. He has collaborated with many other successful comedians and produced hundreds of standup shows, and filmed work.

Andrew Alexander has entertained people globally and won 2 Emmy Awards, 13 nominations, and the ACTRA award. He has written and produced shows for HBO, CBS, Fox, and others.

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