Alfon Hörmann was the president of the DOSB until he resigned on December 4th. He spoke 6.5 weeks before resigning. Alfons talks about his decision to resign as president of the German Olympic sports confederation (DOSB). He says that he talked to several international sporting federations and found out that they didn’t want him anymore as DOSB president either. He also tells other reasons why he decided to quit. He says that he was tired of being an elected official. He said that he wants to serve the people as long as he is an elected official. But when he heard about some problems surrounding his financial dealings, he couldn’t continue to do everything. He told the press that he had been working hard during his four-year period as DOSB president, which was enough for him. The outgoing boss draws politicians and officials to the lack of recognition of the importance of sport for people’s wellbeing. He says there are many reasons why the government should support sports. People playing sports help them stay fit and healthy. Sports also help children learn about teamwork and fair play. Children who practice soccer, basketball, or football develop better communication skills. Playing sports helps a person feel better about themselves and their abilities. Also, many people need help with basic daily living activities such as driving or walking. These people could benefit from practicing physical activity. Finally, sports can be fun for people of any age group. Germany needs more than 10 years to become a world power in sports. Top officials who approve budgets often combine their remarks with similar comments about other people’s accounts. It could be that a particular person bears the blame for such budgeting decisions. Former president Christian Wulff has been called upon to lead the new committee. Several sports enthusiasts and journalists want to be part of this committee. Their ideas include improving the current system as well as developing new regulations. Read more HERE: