Alex A Molinaroli, retired chairman and CEO of Johnson, has been at the helm of helping women in business forge their path in leadership and make strategic business decisions to succeed in the industry. While expanding the company’s presence in China, Molinaroli spoke on essential moves from a financial viewpoint on women investing in a business. Here’re some of the top 5.

  1. Start a Business

Alex A Molinaroli tells women to stop planning and start the business. Unfortunately, many women seeking to improve their business end up with nothing but plans due to fear of failure. With a hands-on approach, it’s easy to learn how to run critical areas of a company. Get more knowledge about budgets and note clear opportunities available for business. It comes with the satisfaction of freedom of tailoring their business idea as they like.

  1. Financial Dreams of Employees

Getting a better understanding of employees will help the business’s future. Understanding employees’ culture, vision, and goals will make the business make necessary changes to help the employees accomplish them while propelling the business forward.

  1. Sales Focus

Advising women-led enterprises, Molinaroli’s advice is on sales focus. Using his experience in sales as an example, he advises businesses to listen more and learn effectively. Hear what the customer wants by being on the sales front and make critical changes incorporating the customers’ needs. Alex A Molinaroli advises all businesses to have open discussions on functions for better teamwork.

  1. Take Responsibility

It’s vital to become a great leader by becoming a team member. Be the ultimate financial decision-maker to allow employees to take necessary risks without repercussions for the business’s success.

  1. Learn from Mistakes

Molinaroli advises women businesses to take risks and learn from the same. Ready for big financial mistakes and change the business model or product and service. Make calculated steps but continue moving forward to reach new heights.

Molinaroli strives to continue helping women in business, offering his over 35 years of experience.

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