Alddo Molinar is popularly known for his excellent professional skills as an anesthesiologist at the East Ohio Regional Hospital. He was raised in the Texas region, being the firstborn son of his Mexican immigrant parents. Among his extended family, he was the luckiest first to receive U.S Citizenship. A chance presented to Alddo Molinar for their new country of residency. Alddo Molinar was always inspired to pursue the medical field at an early age. His attention to detail helped him learn new skills easily, and his knowledgeable capabilities were exceptional compared to his peers. 

One of his painful moments growing up was losing his grandparents to cancer. This painful moment fueled his passion for pursuing medical courses in order to implement his capabilities to help those suffering. In pursuit of his dream, Alddo Molinar attended the University of Texas Southwestern at Dallas, where he pursued a medical degree. He also finalized his residency at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, where he received exceptional training. Also, while at the residency, he met the love of his life, who he later married and built a family with.



Dr. Alddo Molinar



Molinar is talented when it comes to the inventiveness of his projects. He brings his ideas into life through the quality of good ideas. He takes off his leisure time during the day to reflect on some of the significant ideas that would be of great impact on the community. Also, Alddo Molinar believes in the power of networking by coming together to share different experiences. Also, formulating clear goals is one step to success in your profession. Having a well-documented mission statement will help solidify the purpose and build risk management skills.

Alddo Molinar finds the medical field more exciting daily due to technological advancement happening often. Today the aptitude to monitor and oversee therapeutics has advanced exponentially over time as Alddo Molinar explains. The development of artificial intelligence in the patient care unit and health sector has helped improve the ability to monitor more patients and offer significant trends to the care of the desired provider. The appropriate application of technology to advance the health and wellbeing of patients is the leading exciting transformation to medicine Alddo has experienced.