Due to the development of other variants of Covid-19, the US government has put measures such as the supply of home test kits to help them track the number of new infections in the country. However, as Reeve Benaron states, it is quite difficult to track how many people will have positive results from the home test kit posing a great challenge in the health sector. 


Intrivo corporation however, has come up with a method in which people who use their home test kits are able to relay their results to health officials who can in turn take immediate action. Reeve Benaron recalls how only a handful of states across the U.S have adopted measures in which people can report their positive tests to health officials. 


Reeve Benaron explains more about it. As more and more people get access to millions of home test kits, it is crucial for the government to put in place measures where citizens can send their results. This way they can actually know the positivity rate of the country.


Reeve Benaron, CEO and founder of Intrivo, is a distinguished entrepreneur in the technology sector. Over the years he has developed an innovative technology that has helped with the growth of numerous businesses and brands. He has also worked in industries such as investment banking and real estate.


Healthcare expert and serial entrepreneur Reeve Benaron is dedicated to creating employment opportunities and advancing economic growth. He is also an expert in Mergers and Acquisitions. Reeve Benaron is dedicated to developing startups and encouraging innovation in businesses. Up to now, he is also a successful venture philanthropist.