Today, Data Systems International or DSI is the world’s leading and most trusted provider of inventory control solutions, introduced a new innovation, Cloud Inventory Platform.

The Cloud Inventory is a cloud-based version of the company’s innovative inventory solutions that helps retailers and manufacturers become more productive, efficient and flexible in today’s complex supply chain environment. The new platform enables companies to increase their available inventory while meeting the accountability required by many major brands. It also provides real-time data for better business decisions.

The Data Systems International platform, is designed to be used from any device and any data connection. It provides the ability to share inventory information across multiple locations and warehouses, and has work order capabilities that eliminate duplication between call-off/replenishment and returns processing. The software also provides a streamlined work order management system that works across brands and locations.

The Cloud Inventory platform by DSI Global is ideal for companies looking to build or expand their global business, as its multi-site capabilities make it easy to connect different branches. Its flexibility allows businesses to adapt to changes in demand and supply. It also makes distribution more efficient, so products are available quickly when needed, even during the holiday season.

Benefits of the new platform developed by DSI include:

– On-demand access to inventory data from any device, anywhere.

– The ability to add new locations without downtime.

– Sharing work order information across different companies and brands.

– Real-time inventory counts at every location and venue.

Inventory accuracy – a major issue facing manufacturers and retailers today – is improved with the multi-site capability of this new platform, as well as the ability to view inventory counts at any location. The high level of connectivity and automation can increase productivity by up to 50 percent while reducing costs by 30 percent. Refer to this article for related information.


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