Physical eye protection is not a very common practice that ophthalmologists have been encouraging people to consider. Tom S Chang MD is the only individual and an expert in this sector. He is of the view that physical eye protection is something that should be incorporated by most of the people who have been facing some extreme issues that most of the people have been experiencing overall during the COVID-19 pandemic. As Tom S Chang MD indicates, everything that individuals have been incorporating should be highly focused on addressing most of the physical problems that their eyes have been facing. 


Dr. Tom S Chang MD performs laser retina surgery and lens replacement, among other related eye complications. This is because people have not been working towards dealing with problems, which explains why a huge number of individuals have already been diagnosed with acute eye problems that millions are already facing. According to Tom S Chang MD, most people have a feeling that sunglasses constitute the essential physical means of protecting the eyes. There is no doubt that this is a welcome alternative that has already helped most people to deal with most of the issues they have been facing in the world today. 


However, there are other physical eye protection measures that need to be protected for real and in a vital form. For example, weather experts need to make sure that they have some specialized physical means of protecting their eyes rather than using standard eyeglasses. Tom S Chang MD indicates that there are people in other occupations who are at risk of extreme physical issues. This is an essential method of dealing with some extreme issues and physical problems that have been experienced by many individuals.

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