Posigen is making an impact in the community through provision of solar energy. The solar-powered energy company under Thomas Neyhart has been focused on offering affordable solar power. The implementation of the services to any home is easy besides the homeowners enjoying low electricity bills. Thomas Neyhart explains how the PosiGen solar power company has successfully helped homeowners to generate their energy through the installation of solar panels and home energy audits. 


Additionally, the experts at PosiGen will help in the process until the solar panels are installed on their roofs starting with the energy audits. Therefore, through the one-directional kilowatt structure, they will know how much electricity they consume monthly. Additionally, the use of solar energy is the best way to make our planet conducive. According to Thomas Neyhart, the use of renewable energy comes in handy as it is clean, efficient, and affordable among low-income earners. The company CEO Thomas Neyhart has played a significant role in the company. 


He has also been a player in representing the company in other Global forums. He has served as a speaker on matters of energy, among others. Remarkably the company has made huge advancements in different parts of the country. Besides the provision of energy, Posigen has made huge advancements in the terms of rendered services to its customers (Techbullion). 

It has played a huge role in blower door testing, combustion appliance zone tests, and other services. Since it is a company that focuses on low-income families to make their lives better it has ruled out various offers and leasing programs. As Thomas Neyhart states, it has also helped the community in different ways, especially the job opportunities for women. The company has also extended its hands to among giving out other charity supports. Posigen has served many clients.