It’s natural to want to help each other. When we think about the ultimate fate of our planet we’re usually motivated to take action. That’s exactly what’s motivated PosiGen to help spread clean, renewable solar power. Thomas Neyhart points out that PosiGen is well aware that people want to help both each other and the planet as a whole. They’ve been able to handle the technological aspects of helping the world. However, the company is working hard to help customers spread the word as well. Solar power is often restricted to higher income environments. 


But this only constitutes a very small part of the world at large. That’s part of why PosiGen puts such a heavy focus on helping people in working class or lower income environments convert to solar power. PosiGen believes that everyone can help make the world a better place. And the company, Thomas Neyhart states, is putting the tools out there to help people prove it. Of course once people start to use PosiGen’s solar power the more immediate benefits become clear. One of the biggest points is personal control. When people use solar they’re generating their own power from the sun. 


And that power is being generated and stored on their own property for their own home. Using solar is empowering in a lot of different ways. What’s more, it also greatly lowers or even removes the cost of power. Instead of paying for power people are able to generate it on their own. The fact that people can generate their own power is one of the ways people in communities can help each other too. Thomas Neyhart explains that when people see just how much money someone is saving through PosiGen solar they’ll typically want to use it as well. This spreads even more solar usage through the community. Eventually, more and more people in the community use solar. And this process ends up helping the world as a whole. 

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