Vijay Eswaran is often referred to as the Singapore Lion of Business. A self-made entrepreneur with a hard-earned global perspective, Vijay has become a hero in his home country. His footprints have been etched into the history of building an organization that now employs thousands of people across 45 countries, including Singapore and Malaysia. Vijay Eswaran has become a world-renowned pioneer, a business genius, and a social reformer.

Vijay Eswaran’s Rise to Success

In 1998, Eswaran founded the now-famous International Brand Equity company QI Group. Its first major client was Microsoft. Within a decade, the company was operating from 4 locations across Asia, and Eswaran was the youngest millionaire in Malaysia. While managing the QI Group, he also found time to start many entrepreneurial ventures. He has invested in two of Malaysia’s largest shopping malls. A thriving e-commerce business that he founded soon after. An information technology company called Imangi Studios and a media company named Fusionx. Vijay also owned one of the biggest real estate empires in the country. Called Emaar (Malaysia). The development was responsible for building the nation’s first mall of its kind, The Emaar Complex, and is currently developing its second project.

Life before Entrepreneurship

Vijay Eswaran is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship. Starting with a very small loan of $1200 from his father, in 1995, he began his business journey with a single taxi and became a taxi driver. Vijay borrowed $200 from a friend who later made a $3000 profit from selling the car to fund his new venture. After a couple of years of running his business, Vijay’s wife, Christine, suggested that he think about giving up his cab because she didn’t see him giving it his all and raising his business to the point where it could take care of him and the family. He was successful in his business venture. By 2004, Eswaran became the youngest taxi driver to have sold a vehicle in Malaysia.

From Philanthropy to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Today, Vijay Eswaran has created QI Group’s three pillars: Entrepreneurship, Education, and Health. As CEO, he has guided businesses towards growth and innovation while fostering development and social impact through innovation and education. Having worked with over 300 enterprises, Vijay has consistently stressed value-based leadership and continually strives to create scalable businesses and transform lives. More to read from Vijay Eswaran HERE