Gordonstoun is a school located in Elgin, Scotland.

It is the leading co-educational school in the country.

The Founder was Dr. Kurt Hahn, the winner of the prestigious Duke of Edinburg’s Award.

He developed the award with Prince Philip.

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The prestigious award has changed the lives of young people in different parts of the world.

He entered the senior educational administration partnering with former German chancellor Prince Max.

Together, they found Salem School in Southern Germany.

He learned that he was no longer safe in Germany following the aftermath of World War I. He fled to Moray in Scotland.

Hahn established his school in 1934 and named it after the 13th-century estate.

The school had a broad curriculum that made it gain a good reputation.

The school has since grown, and the campus covers over 200 acres of land.

They provide one of the best outdoor education programs in the world.

This is thanks to its location in the easy reach Scottish Highlands.

The school’ bases its curriculum on the philosophy of the founder, Dr. Kurt Hahn.

He believed that students should not only reach their full academic potential.

The students should also develop their life skills at the same time.

The philosophy helped develop the school motto, “There is more in you.”

The school has a diverse community of over forty nationalities.

It has over 500 girls and boys.

Gordonstoun has over seven boarding houses for students.

They have a junior school and offer a smooth transition from junior to senior school.

The smooth transition is when the juniors reach thirteen years.

The school gives its students unique academic scholarship opportunities.

The school is the only British school that runs its fire service.

The school also takes pride in being the first to educate an heir to the British throne.

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