Ron Gutman is a former investigative journalist for ABC and the network’s chief legal analyst and Senior Vice President. He is now the author of “Into His Own: The Double Life Of Ron Guttman, Investigative Reporter” which was published by Jossey-Bass in May 2016.


The story begins with Ron Gutman’s investigation into an elite private school that had an alarming number of suicides among its students following its merger into a larger public institution. The research on suicide rates led him to investigate the financial ties of prominent American politicians to those schools, whose kids they received “free” while their parents extorted cheap financing deals from taxpayers.


“Into His Own” was a #1 national best-seller in the categories of True Crime, Political and Government, Documentaries, and Non-fiction for the entire month of May. The successful businessman has also authored articles and editorials that have appeared in publications such as “The Wall Street Journal”, “USA Today”, “The Miami Herald”, “The Arizona Republic”and  “Las Vegas Review-Journal”. Ron Gutman has also been featured at ” The Oklahoman”,” The Virginian Pilot”,” The Dallas Morning News”, “Fort Worth Star-Telegram”,” Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel” and the Scripps Howard News Service.


His articles have also been broadcast as an on-camera feature on CBS Radio Network and the American Forces Network (AFN) KBRR.


Gutman’s books include: “Into His Own: A Double Life of Ron Gutman, Investigative Reporter”, “Ron Gutman’s Mafia Diaries”,and “Ron Gutman’s Political Story”. Duckworth Senator Tammy Duckworth, who is running for president in the 2016 election has consistently criticized Donald Trump for his reported history of sexism and sexual assault as exemplified by his comments about women. 


She was interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN during the debate from St. Louis Missouri. Wolf Blitzer asked her why she had not used the opportunity to question Trump on those issues.


Senator Duckworth responded: “It’s a hard thing to do to have any sort of conversation with him given his past and the way he’s treated people in the past and how Donald Trump called women out, and attacked them on Twitter.” Ron Gutman finally states that she then went on to say that it was a very awkward and “very uncomfortable thing” for her. 


This prompted Wolf Blitzer to ask: “It’s awkward? That’s all you can say about it?” Senator Duckworth responded by saying that it was very difficult “because this is someone who has sexually assaulted women.