Robert K. Kraft is the longtime owner of the New England Patriots. He is worth an estimated $6 billion, and he’s been a business success since his time as a classmate of Warren Buffett at Columbia University (1963).

An innovative entrepreneur, Kraft—a college dropout–turned his father’s Brooklyn machine-parts business into a multinational enterprise with more than 100 plants around the world. In 1963, Kraft married Myra Hiatt whom he met after being introduced by Warren Buffet at Columbia University in 1962. Hiatt is co-author of the book “Kraft’s Partners,” a chronicle of the company. Together they have two children: Jonathan, and Chloe.

In 2015 Robert Kraft and his family were ranked by Forbes magazine as America’s 300 richest people, with an estimated net worth of $6 billion.

In 1997 Robert Kraft was inducted as a member of the Greater Boston Society of CPAs. Other organizations and companies with membership include: The Business Council, The Economic Club of Boston, the New England Council, the Metropolitan Boston Chamber of Commerce, the National Football League Management Council Executive Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee of the NFL Management Council and many more.

In addition to his personal charitable contributions, [Kraft] also donated $10 million to create the Kraft Family Endowed Scholarship Fund of Tufts University where he was an alumnus and trustee. This fund offers need-based scholarships to Tufts undergraduates. Robert Kraft has also founded the Kraft Family Foundation, which has donated millions of dollars in the fight against cancer, AIDS, domestic violence and other health crises.

His philanthropic efforts through his foundation have brought him much national recognition. Kraft’s charitable contributions have also provided support for many other organizations, such as Barnstable High School and the University of New Hampshire.

The Kraft Family Foundation strives to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities all over the world.

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