Richard Liu is one of the pioneers in the world of technology. In the early 2000s, Richard Liu Qiangdong wanted to own a business, so he started a physical brick-and-mortar store that quickly became a chain of stores that sold electronic equipment. But the Asian crisis of the 2000s critically disabled the business, and forced the closing of the stores and focus his attention on an online platform.

Richard Liu is a graduate of the University of China, and his first job was with a Japanese e-commerce company. Here, Qiangdong learned more programming skills and picked up on marketing as well. At the time, the only way to acquire these skills was by reading, as there were no platforms that could teach you.

In Japan, Liu Qiangdong developed his skills and moved into management roles. But after a few years, he decided he wanted to start on the path to entrepreneurship. After living in Japan, he needed to return to his home country. While here, he decided to open a chain of electronic and phone accessory stores.

He did very well and grew the business to 17 stores, but the SARS outbreak affected his sales. His team suggested he take his products online. He began to see profits soar again, and this led to the founding of

His success came when he founded in Asia. This e-commerce site is comparable to places like Amazon or eBay in Asia. Today, JD delivers the same day through the use of drone-delivery service. He hopes JD will soon sell across Europe and the United States one day. See this page for related information.


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