A well-known businessman in New York, John Savignano, infuses every customer he serves with enthusiasm for his field. He has had a fascinating and diverse profession in the accounting field, including positions as CFO and controller in prestigious international businesses like PricewaterhouseCoopers and MasterCard. He currently manages his private CPA firm, whereby he uses his vast knowledge to assist corporate customers in gaining knowledge that aids them in making lucrative business choices.

John Savignano has taken the opportunity to impart accounting knowledge to anyone who wants to get involved. He is an associate instructor at Fordham University and also the owner of a very prosperous business. Savignano examines the top 15 qualities that auditors should possess. He also talks about becoming an accountant and the character traits that make a successful CPA. There is also an inner glimpse at the characteristics of a financial partner that is enthusiastic regarding what they can do for industry professionals.

15 qualities of an excellent accountant

  • He/she loves Interacting with People.
  • It’s critical to be approachable and make genuine connections with people, regardless of the accounting accountant’s area.
  • Is Enthusiastic About Mathematics
  • Has a keen eye for detail
  • Likes to Teach
  • Is fond of data sheets
  • Enjoys discovering new ideas
  • Understands the value of ethics and integrity
  • Possesses a Love for Organization
  • Is a Thinker Who Can Analyze situations
  • Wants solving problems in unconventional ways
  • Adores the Industry
  • Flourishes on difficulties
  • Has a solid work ethic
  • CPAs must work proficiently with various platforms and apps to serve their customers best.
  • Practical verbal and written communication skills are essential for accountants.

A good accountant must be able to do much more than just balance worksheets and run calculations. John Savignano is aware that these 15 characteristics give an intimate view of what constitutes a good Accountant.

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