Real estate is considered a tough market for investors, with its share of ups and downs over the years. It’s challenging to invest in a large or small building that pays back in four or fewer years, but energy efficiency has done it. PosiGen team members just shared a study within the current real estate industry. The study made by Deutsche Bank found that one trillion dollars could be saved in a decade through retrofitting buildings. Investment in energy efficiency creates jobs while expanding the consumer base, impacting overall economic growth. A question arises why minimal companies go all-in on energy efficiency, but the most common answer is the cynical approach to weighing the investment.


PosiGen solar power company has overlooked the value of investing in energy efficiency and offered a solution to homeowners. Solar panel installation is expensive, eliminating many people from the investment. PosiGen stepped in to provide solutions to homeowners by offering leases that accommodate willing homeowners. It doesn’t rely on credit scores and minimum income requirements used to exclude lower-income earners. Its mission is to make solar energy systems available to all homeowners eliminating the luxury aspect.


PosiGen solar power company  uses a client’s potential savings and not their credit scores. It conducts a feasibility analysis to establish the possible saving capacity of a client when using solar energy. This analysis is done by studying a client’s history of energy consumption and considering how much power their rooftop can generate. PosiGen uses the findings to give homeowners a non-FICO-based lease with no limitations (Techbullion). 


Solar energy varies between seasons bringing differing consumption rates, but it maintains fixed rates for the solar lease savings. PosiGen offers packages that allow energy efficiency upgrades through solar leases allowing sizable savings on monthly bill payments. It has built extensive experience in energy efficiency from 2011 and helped many homeowners transform their homes to become energy efficient in New Orleans, LA. It has increased its reach to homes across the U.S. to help realize its goal of renewable energy. Solar energy benefits homeowners and the economy through savings and the contribution of excess power to the grid. PosiGen has made it in the industry by maintaining a constant billing system despite rising electricity costs.