Min-Liang Tan strikes as one of the most creative and influential personalities in the gaming ecosystem. He successfully graduated from the National University of Singapore Law School and managed to bag a job as a lawyer in Singapore.

In 2005, he left his career as a lawyer and ventured into the forays of the gaming business. Here, he leveraged his deep-seated passion for gaming and co-initiated a company with Robert Krakoff. The businessman steadily worked his way up by spearheading his gaming company Razer Inc to global prominence.

Today, The Razer CEO boasts as a business guru with a well-curated reputation in initiating and nurturing Razer Inc into a behemoth. The company has garnered recognition for producing a suite of top-notch gaming products. Razer’s foray into the gaming market saw it carve a market niche with the Boomslang mouse, initiated to augment speed and improve precision. In addition to the product sparking gamers’ mentality, it inspired Min-Liang Tan to forge ahead and build a pandemic-proof business.

The Razer CEO strive to be more successful by constantly looking for active opportunities and addressing the next challenge. Tan’s leadership-driven skills reflect his gaming mentality and demanding work schedule. Under his stewardship, Razer Inc has expanded its footprints globally with about 16 offices. Business to Min-Liang Tan is more of having fun, which has helped him build a multibillion-dollar industry.

About the Razer CEO

Min-Liang Tan is an audacious and self-made billionaire in Singapore and globally. His reputed company, Razer Inc, boasts amassing a significant global following in the gaming industry. Furthermore, the company had sold millions of gaming products, including fitness bands, laptops, mice, tablets, headphones, and many more. Tan has also played a crucial role in expanding the company’s ventures in Hong Kong and Asia. Refer to this article for more information.


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