Miki Agrawal Is Determined To Elevate The Personal Care Industry: A Woman On a Mission

Miki Agrawal is the founder and CEO of Thinx, aiming to elevate the personal care industry. The company’s products include underwear and period-proof underwear in addition to other innovative products like wipes and tampons.


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In her TED talk, she discusses how Thinx has helped women worldwide who are living with periods. She also discusses how she was once told she would never be successful because of her gender. However, Agrawal proved them wrong by being an entrepreneur and being determined to change the course of feminine hygiene for women everywhere.

The Problem With Feminine Hygiene

In her TED talk, Agrawal discusses the problems with feminine hygiene products. For example, they often contain toxic chemicals that can cause harmful reactions in many women.

Agrawal also discusses how these products are expensive, primarily a problem for those who live in poverty. In some countries, it’s illegal to dispose of anything along the roadside, so tampons and pads become a danger when not disposed of properly.

Along with other innovators in the field, Miki Agrawal has made her mark on the personal care industry by creating better products for women and more sustainable overall.

Agrawal’s Advice for Women

Agrawal’s advice for women is to know that it’s okay not to want to do everything. Thinx has opened up a space for women and entrepreneurs interested in the female market. She wants to create a space where women can come together, be themselves, and pursue their passions.

Agrawal says that start with what you have if you need an idea. For example, if you like problem-solving but don’t want to work in an office every day, create your own office in your home. There are possibilities everywhere, and it all starts with taking a risk and fighting the fear of failure.

The Future of Feminine Hygiene Products

Thinx is a company working to change the course of feminine hygiene products for women.

The future of feminine hygiene products may look different from what we are used to as more companies invest in innovation. As noted by Agrawal during her TED talk, “feminine hygiene is an old conversation that needs to be elevated.”


Miki Agrawal is on a mission to change the way women think about periods. Her solution? A pair of underwear absorbs period blood, allowing women to go about their day without worrying about leaks. The Thinx CEO is determined to bring a sense of normalcy to periods and elevate the status of feminine hygiene.