Liu Qiangdong is the CEO of and is the epitome of an entrepreneurial spirit. is one of China’s largest e-commerce platform and we understand why when we look at the passion and drive behind Liu Qiangdong. His flexibility and adaptability has given him the ability to be able to take what is given to him and develop and grow it into a multi-billion dollar platform.

Liu Qiangdong’s parents were coal shippers so through his childhood he grew to understand that knowledge was key to his success. While in college he began an interest in coding and it was uphill from there. After college Liu Qiangdong had a game plan for his success but he had to start somewhere. He began a job at Japan Life, a herbal supplement company. While there he took advantage of his environment and superiors. He learned many different skills in e-commerce, business and many more. This led him further in his path to become a business owner one day. When SARS became a worldwide disaster he decided to use this as his opportunity to capitalize on his dreams 100%. He moved his brick and mortar business that he had began creating to the online platform and called in 360Buy Jingdong. He sold magneto-optical items in his store so he was able to easily transform his business to the online platform to keep business at a steady pace for the coming months during the SARS era.

While in the Pandemic, Liu Qiangdong, was able to perfect strategies, promotions, tactics and the overall experience that the customer has when they come into contact with his business. In 2014, Liu Qiangdong was recognized as one of the top e-commerce companies. Reports stated that he has over 300 million active users which included 1 billion people in the scope to receive same or next day delivery of the products ordered. Liu Qiangdong has been able to create and develop new relationships from coast to coast in this timeframe and has been recognized nationally as one of the most successful businessmen in the world. If you are looking to start a small business and build it into the most profitable empire, Liu Qiangdong is the man of the hour and should be researched and studied for the best tips and tricks in the industry.

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