Greg Blatt is a man of many impressive talents raised in Weston, Massachusetts. Before he started his career he received an education at Columbia Law School where he received his Juris Doctor degree and also studied at Colgate University where he received his Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature.

Through Blatt’s many accomplishments, he has always felt as a wandering spirit. Starting right after graduating Colgate University he took some time to enjoy nature and get to know what he truly wanted in life. This wild spirit of his led him to law school where he learned better critical thinking.

He started his career at a very prestigious law firm in New York. He was there for a short time when he found himself working for an entertainment law firm. This paved his way to becoming general counsel for Martha Stewart.

Working for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia after four years opened up a new door for him. He was recommended for Vice President of General Counsel for IAC. There he stayed for over ten years. Before Greg Blatt knew it, he was provided the path for CEO. He was a men-tee to some that brought him there. He became CEO for Match Group and Tinder under the IAC.

Greg Blatt believe excellent leadership is a huge role and lots of work comes with this. He finds scheduling every day to be most helpful of course with a little flexibility in there. This will make for both re-actively and proactively.

As leadership goes, Greg Blatt believe assembling a well team is also the way to go. This is where the strength for leadership comes from. Lastly, he believes to stay inquisitive so paths can be paved better with more in-depth dialogue. See this page for more information.


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