IM Academy is a forex education online training program that offers a holistic approach to forex education and is a platform for forex professionals. IM Academy offers an advanced, comprehensive forex education program. IM Academy’s first objective is to educate its students in all aspects of Forex Education, from trading strategies through automated trading systems to money management and risk control.

  1. Products

Their products are designed to help Forex traders, both experienced and novice, improve their trading strategies and develop the skills necessary to become successful Forex traders. The trading course is simple and easy to understand. The course is broken down into easy-to-follow lessons with step-by-step instructions. The trading course teaches traders how and why to trade the Forex market and what technical indicators, indicators, trend lines, and other technical tools are useful in the Forex market. IM Academy also provides traders with a complete review of fundamental analysis and its relation to the Forex markets.

  1. Website

Their website features interactive and informative lessons that can be viewed on computers, tablets, or even smartphones. Most of the lessons are available in video format. IM Academy also provides a forum where traders can interact with other traders and a blog where the Academy team posts daily educational articles. You can also download the Academy trading course and practice the lessons at home.

  1. Webinar

Live webinars are among the best ways to learn new trading techniques applied to your Forex Trading. Live webinars are also a great way to interact with other traders and get useful tips that will help make you a better trader. The IM Academy team offers live webinars every week, and they offer special bonus webinars when they have special announcements or new products coming out.

Forex education online training programs are gaining ground with many institutes offering their students the best of both worlds so that they may be able to combine their knowledge of forex trading with their passion for mathematics and economics. The process involves learning about the techniques used by academics in their classroom, then using those techniques to trade the forex market. Go to this page for additional information.


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