Ryan Kavanaugh had a TV and movie venture called Relativity Media that slammed in 2016 and his fate was applauded across Hollywood. Ryan Kavanaugh had declared himself a seer at Hollywood with a potential to overturn a majority of expectations and practices in the industry.

However, Relativity Media lost $100 million to become bankrupt in just two years. Kavanaugh’s antagonists were never dismayed by this situation because he is now rising from the shackles of that problem.

Ryan Kavanaugh’s comeback did not happen until 31st July 2020, when Donald Trump, the then-president claimed that he would illegalize TikTok because it came from China, and the impact it has on the personal details of the 800 million beneficiaries.

This announcement spread across Triller’s offices in Los Angeles. Triller was the biggest digital entertainment as well as music platform with over 26 million clients.

In 2019, Ryan had acquired Triller including a 28M Dollar capital infusion, therefore, raising the value to 130M Dollars. Kavanaugh claimed that one day he found that Triller was the trending app in downloads in about 51 countries. This was a big fete.

TikTok survived the president’s threat that grew Triller’s brand awareness, therefore, resulting in an increase in advertisers, users, and creators including the best TikTok brands, influencers, and musical celebrities intending to collaborate and promote.

Artists like Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and The Weeknd had enabled Triller to raise over $14 million. Half a year after the president’s announcement of a potential TikTok ban, Triller got another 100M US Dollars, raising the value to approximately $1.25B.

Triller was compared to TikTok, but its business plan resembles Google or Facebook because it enables content creators to access all platforms across the internet. Triller is starting quickly trying to reinvigorate boxing. Triller’s Fight Club is expected to present a match between Jake Paul and Ben Asken.