The gaming giant Activision Blizzard joined other big companies in suspending services in Russia in protest of the gruesome invasion of Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Activision’s chief operating officer, Daniel Alegre, made this announcement through a message that was sent to all employees of the video game’s holding company. He also assured all employees of the commitment that Activision had in helping those who had been affected by the tragedy as well as continuing its support for the people of Ukraine.

In the companywide note, Alegre reassured employees that their safety was the first and foremost priority urging anyone who needed support to get in touch with their managers or local HR leaders. Employees were also given the option of using Activision Blizzard’s Employee Assistance Program to seek emotional support during the crisis in Ukraine.

As part of its humanitarian relief efforts, Activision raised money, whereby the company aimed to match employee donations 2:1 to organizations that were providing immediate relief to people in affected regions. Already, over $300,000 has been raised by the company and its employees to assist the people of Ukraine. Alegre also applauded the contributions that were being made by the Activision team in Poland, whereby people were volunteering to aid Ukrainian refugees and other people in need.

Activision Blizzard wasn’t the only corporation taking action against Russia. Other major companies which suspended their services in Russia include EA Games, Epic Games, Microsoft, and Netflix. In a statement released by Brad Smith, the president and vice-chair of Microsoft, he explained that the horrors that were being witnessed during the unlawful invasion of Ukraine by Russia were the sole reason why Microsoft had decided to halt all new sales of its products. He also added that the main focus of the company at the moment was to help improve Ukraine’s cybersecurity in order to repel Russian attacks.

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