With more than 3 decades of technology experience, Haroldo Jacobovicz has built an incredible organization that caters to technology and engineering. Not only that, but the Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute promotes new technology and engineering to help others become aware of the developments. This will ultimately help increase the amount of regard towards education provided by conferences, workshops, and lectures. Plus, the Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute encourages science books to be published. Along with encouraging science and technology publishings, the institute also publishes its own books relating to their field. These fields include information technology, environment, computer science, civil engineering, material science, and construction management. Besides these areas, other publishings involve patents, which help students prepare for their patent exam.

Having a high amount of dedication allows the institute to spread the culture surrounding technology and engineering. With the same name as the institute, Haroldo began the institute following the receipt of an engineering award as well as an engineering award in excellence.

As a renowned spokesman for the fields of interior design, urbanism, and architecture, Haroldo has provided his services to many higher learning institutions such as Bahlia´s Federal University and Pontifical Catholic University. Other than these schools, he has also spoken at a variety of events.

Currently, Haroldo sits in on the Chamber of Construction Industry Professionals who gather for the annual Sustainable Development Congress. Also, Haroldo co-founded Brazil´s Association for Environment Management which helps to improve practices within the construction management sector. In the community, Haroldo holds memberships in many associations and committees ranging from Architecture Week Porto Alegre, Alfa-Arquitetos Associados, Brazilian Council for Sustainable Development and Sustainable Cities and Territories Technical Committee. Along with the memberships, Haroldo is also president for CEJA Consultoria Empresarial Ltda.