Eric Lefkofsky is currently the CEO and owner of Tempus, a medical technology company whose aim is to provide modern medical solutions. At Tempus medical research firm, they examine both RNA and DNA of each patient to determine what diagnosis to administer. Led by Eric Lefkofsky, the company is not limited as it records; medical notes, lab results, ecological photos, and diagnostic scans to understand each victim case based on the information generated. 


Tempus has thousands and thousands of data from different clinics connecting doctors and clinical officers with better treatment ways for their patients. According to the business leader, each record is sent to different medical institutes with possible solutions, and the facility can administer the right treatment to each patient. Eric Lefkofsky explains that they keep each document as they come and do their best to generate results faster based on urgency; they also specialize in tumor screening. They use microscopical data to identify each case. 


The learning machine has procedures on how to identify each disease and offers a possible solution. They aim to provide modern results by testing each data brought to their table, which is handled by professionals who have vast experience in that field. Eric Lefkofsky and his family started a nonprofit charity organization to help communities get better medical services. The successful entrepreneur is part of the membership Trustee of Laurie Children Hospital, Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky explains that using artificial intelligence to deliver results to their patients and organizations: their future goals are to have a tumor and disease-free humans and better healthcare options. They aim at opening more branches across the world and offering more services to hospitals with dire cases.